Funding Partner - Raising funding for Seed stage and Series A Start-ups using our broad global network of Investors


FinTech Consultancy - Leveraging the global expertise within the NewFinance network for project work in a flexible and economic way


Promotional Campaigns – Helping you construct your communications in the correct 'voice' to best resonate with the FinTech mindset and then getting that message out to our highly regarded targeted FinTech network built over the last 5+ years. We support both Advertising and Outreach campaigns


Sponsorship - Sponsoring our Chapters and Events to build your brand in the FinTech scene and leverage our experience building our own scale network and brand


Recruitment Partner - Using the NewFinance network to recruit talent for your organisation whether freelance, contractor or permanent employee


Media Production - Delegating your media production requirements to our in-house production team with a proven track record of over 400 videos produced to date